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Členská organizácia International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

Strategic Plan

Strategic plan of Slovak Family Planning Association for years 2012-2017 


The strategic plan is based on the previous strategic plan. It continues to be based on the „five A´s” of IPPF, directly responding particularly to Adolescents and Advocacy, but also indirectly addresses Abortion (within Advocacy), Access (also in the Advocacy – as prevention and intervention activities of third parties, which potentially threaten existing conditions of access to services in the field of SRHR), and AIDS / STI (human rights advocacy in the area). New targets of IPPF – UNITE, DELIVER and PERFORM – are also reflected in strategic areas and proposed activities of the Slovak Family Planning Association for years 2012-2017.

As part of the strategic plan were identified:

  1. key institutional stakeholders
  2. SPR goals for most general level
  3. strategic problem areas
  4. possible actions that result from the value and professional portfolio of leaders / members / volunteers of SPR
  5. structured list of immediate and medium-term actions (Action Plan) in various strategic areas

Key institutional stakeholders with regard to the focus and activities of SFPA were identified:

  1. Church
  2. Ministry of Education
  3. Ministry of Health
  4. Government Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities

Goals of the Slovak Family Planning Association at the most general level are:

  1. The adoption of the National Programme of sexual and reproductive health based on the principles of the World Health Organization
  2. Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all, but especially with an emphasis on youth and children from socially disadvantaged and marginalized Roma communities
  3. A balanced legislative updated version of conscientious objection
  4. Minimum content of sexuality education as part of a state education program

4 strategic problem areas [1], to which the activities of SFPA will be concentrated, are:   

  1. POLICY (and addressing the public)
  3. PERFORMANCE SPR (capacity building)

As part of the strategic plan for the next period SPR also identified activities supporting solution of strategic problems, as well as its expertise and human resources:

POLICY (and public) Creating a coalition of organizations with a PRO CHOICE focus.Organization of press conferences on relevant topics. Realize a roundtable with key institutions.Various accompanying activities for professional and lay public.
EDUCATION – POLITICS Organization of Sexualities conferences and teacher conferences
EDUCATION – CHILDREN AD YOUTH Upgrading state education program Incorporate targets of sexual and reproductive health and rights in education programs
EDUCATION – MULTIPLICATORS Education of employees of Centres for pedagogical and psychological counselling and prevention (CPPPaP), teachers and professionals of different types of schools, with special focus on special schools Questionnaire to 15,000 schools on the state of sexual and reproductive health and rights
PERFORMANCE OF SFPA (capacity buildings) Motivation and addressing new SPR members and volunteersMonitoring of project challenges and implement projects aimed at targets of sexual and reproductive health and rights Cooperation with other human right NGOsReaching to new members, also from among the students


In each of the four strategic areas we have identified IMMEDIATE and MEDIUM TERM activities on the implementation of which SPR will be focused in the near term

  • Publish the National Program for sexual and reproductive health
  • Arrange a press conference to conference SEXUALITIES
  • Monitoring the legislative process on conscientious objection
Get the support of the relevant entities for the minimum standard of sexuality education in schools
EDUCATION AND POLICIES Developing minimum content of sex education for national education program ISCED 1-3 (primary and secondary schools)
  • Define minimum of sex education
  • Translate sex education standards WHO / WHO + BZgA
  • Create a questionnaire on the implementation and needs sex education in schools
  • Educate teachers and students (elementary / secondary / special primary schools / universities)
  • continuous education
    • Education in CPPPaP
    • College teaching – sexuality, ethics in the helping professions and teacher
    • web page with educational content
    • online counseling
  • Establish a working group for the minimum of content of sex education in schools
  • Designing a training program for the training of teachers and professional staff in schools
Výkonnosť SPR
  • create a network of youth volunteers and engage them in activities of SPR
  • Summer School of peer-learning
  • organization of competition for young people
  • create membership offers SPR and web-application
  • publishing report of voluntary activities in the field of education in the school setting directly on the web site with photo gallery
  • search for new funding opportunities SPR
  • create an offer for members / s SPR comprising of:
    • interdisciplinary and expert approach to SRHR
    • work in preventing well as addressing problems in SRHR
    • opportunity to be part of of IPPF – the largest international NGO
    • information on research conducted in the field of SRHR
    • library
  • identify potential youth leaders / s
  • 1-2 integrate young active volunteers / DCs to Executive Committee
RESEARCH Project Sustainability reproduction in Slovakia in cooperation with SAS Project Sustainability reproduction in Slovakia in cooperation with SAS
Project on the state and the prevention of sexual violence among young people (Y-SAV/SAS / DG SANCO) Project on the state and the prevention of sexual violence among young people (Y-SAV/SAS / DG SANCO)

[1] Strategic problem areas are defined as those where inactivity could significantly undermine our most general objectives, those in which it is necessary to act in order to at least maintain the status quo and that the situation could improve SRHR in Slovakia.

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