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Členská organizácia International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)


Civil Association

STATUES  of The Family Planning Association

§ 1

Name, Activities, and Seat

1.    The Family Planning Association, official abbreviation in the Slovak language: SPR; in the English language: Slovak Family Planning Association (SFPA) is a voluntary, non-governmental organization, which is an independent legal entity.

2.    The general objective of the Association is support of family planning as the fundamental human right declared by the International Conference on Human Rights held in Tehran in 1968.

3.    The seat of the SFPA is in Medená 5, 811 02 Bratislava.

§ 2

Scope of Activities

All pairs and individuals have the fundamental right to make a free and reliable decision on the number of their children and the time span between them; the responsibility of pairs and individuals in exercising such right is related to the needs of their living and future children as well as with the roles in a society. A prerequisite for exercise of the right to decide on the number of children and on the time spans between them is knowledge on the issues, which represent the SFPA’s activities.


1. Contributes to creation of harmonic human relations based on mutual respect;

2. Endeavours to create conditions for stability of marriage and develops the desire of pairs to deliver healthy and wanted children;

3. Contributes to revival of motherhood and fatherhood, thus supporting the right of the child to be born as a wanted one;

4. Supports education for planned parenthood, partners relations and family life, including general education in the interests of individual’s happiness, benefit of the family, benefit of the society, and international understanding;

5. Supports and informs on possibilities of male and female contraception and voluntary sterilization as preventive methods for regulation of birth rate;

6. Recognizes the woman’s right for free access to legal interruption;

7. Support treatment of sterility and infertility;

8. Supports preparation of teachers, psychologists, physicians and other specialists in family planning;

9. Supports research of new contraception preparations allowing planned parenthood;

10. Provides consultancy services to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and other central governmental authorities in family planning and general education;

11. Submits drafts of legal regulations and bills guaranteeing the right for family planning to the Parliament of the Slovak Republic, to its committees and deputies;

12. Organizes and co-organizes seminars, symposiums, and conferences on family planning;

13. Performs independent monitoring and research activities;

14. Co-operates with national family planning associations, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and other national and international institutions with similar objectives.

§ 3


1.A member in the SFPA may be any individual without discrimination of any ground, which agrees with the Statues of Association and the activities of the SFPA.

2. The application for membership shall be in writing, and the SFPA’s Board shall decide it. A refusal of the application may be appealed with the SFPA’s General Meeting. The decision of the General Meeting shall be final.

3. The membership shall terminate:

a) upon a member’s written request,

b) by expelling a member due to material breach of the SFPA’s Statues of Association,

c) by deregistration due to failure to pay the membership fees during two years, in spite of a prior written notice,

d) upon death of the individual or upon dissolution of the legal entity,

e) in case of dissolution of the Association.

4. Any deregistration or expelling shall be decided by the SFPA’s Board. A decision of the Board may be appealed with the General Meeting. A decision of the General Meeting on the appeal shall be final.

§ 4

Honourable Membership

1. The General Meeting may, upon a proposal of the SFPA’s Board, grant honourable membership in SFPA to a proposed candidate for extraordinary and many-year activities in human reproduction health and reproduction rights, leading to development of the SFPA.

2. The honourable member will not pay any membership fees.

§ 5

Rights and Liabilities of SFPA’s Members

1. A SFPA’s member has the right to elect and to be elected to the SFPA bodies. A SFPA’s member has the right to propose a candidate to the position of a member of the SFPA bodies. He/she has a voting right in the matters relating to the SFPA’s activities.

2. Any member acting in a paid position in the SFPA and the legal entities have no right to be elected, during the term of the paid position, to the SFPA bodies and to propose candidates to the position of a member of the SFPA bodies, and they shall have no voting rights.

3. Any SFPA’s member has the right to attend the events organized and co-organized by the SFPA.

The SFPA’s member is liable to comply with the SFPA’s Statues of Association, to pay the membership fees in the amount determined by the General Meeting, and to work with the aim to perform the activities of the SFPA. In case of any change in his/her residence, he/she is liable to notify a new address.

§ 6

SFPA Bodies

The SFPA bodies are:

1. General Meeting

2. Board

3. Honourable Board

4. Statutory Body

5. Revision Committee

6. Regional Branches

§ 7

General Meeting

1.    The SFPA’s General Meeting is the supreme body of the SFPA, and consists of all members of the Association. The legal entities shall be represented by their statutory bodies or any person authorized by them.

2.    The general Meeting shall be convened by the SFPA’s Board no less than once in a calendar year. Upon request of no less than one third of the SFPA’s members, the Board is obliged to convene the General Meeting within 30 days of delivery of the request for convocation of the General Meeting. Convocation of the General Meeting may be decided, based on material reasons, also by the SFPA’s Board. In such case, it shall determined the date of the General Meeting so that it is notified to the members in due time.

3.    The General Meeting approves the Statues of Association and any amendments and addenda thereto.

4.    The SFPA’s General Meetings elects the members of the Board and the Revision Committee from among the proposed nominees by secret ballot. Each member of the SFPA has to right to give his/her vote to the determined number of the nominees. Those nominees who shall acquire the largest number of votes shall be elected as members of the SFPA bodies. In case of equality of votes cast for several nominees, the election shall be repeated, and the election shall include only the nominees, with, equal number of votes. The SFPA’s General Meeting shall decide on all principal matters of the SFPA’s activities.

5.    The General Meeting of the SFPA shall adopt decisions by a simple majority of votes of the attending members present in the General Meeting.  The General Assembly is valid when at least the half of the invited and confirmed members will be present.

§ 8

SFPA’s Board

1.    The members of the SFPA shall propose candidates for the committee in a written form, no later than 30 days prior to the General Meeting. The proposed candidates must agree with their nomination in a written form. In elections to the committee, equal gender representation must be taken into consideration.

2.    The SFPA’s Board is a permanent working body of the SFPA, which reports to the General Meeting. It consists of the President, the Vice President, the treasurer, and other members. The board shall have at least five members. The President, Vice President and treasurer are elected from among the nominees for each individual position by the Board member in secret ballot. Each member of the SFPA’s Board has the right to give his/her vote to either of the nominees to the position of the President, Vice President and treasurer. Those nominees who acquire the highest number of votes shall be elected to the position of President, Vice President and treasurer.

3.    The functional term in the board is four years.

4.    The members of the SFPA may be elected to the committee for the duration of two functional terms.

5.    The duration of the functional term of the president, vice president, and treasurer is four years, maximum for two functional terms.

6.    The meetings of the SFPA’s Board shall be convened by the President whenever required, no less than three times per calendar year. The Board shall adopt decisions by a simple majority of the votes of the attending Board members. The Board shall have a quorum if its meeting is attended by no less than three Board members.

7.    In case of equality of votes, the President shall have a casting vote.

8.    The Board members are liable to attend to meetings of the SFPA’s Board. In case of more than three absences, which shall not be excused by material reasons, his/her membership in the SFPA’s Board shall terminate.

9.    In order to maintain continuation of the work of the SFPA’s Board, in case the number of the Board members is decreased (resigning from position or termination of position due to other reasons), the Board has the right to fill-in the vacancy by another SFPA member who was nominated as a nominee in the latest election but was not elected to the Board. The order of the nominees shall be determined according to the number of votes obtained in the latest election.

10.  The Board shall particularly:

a) manage and ensure the activities of the Association,

b) convene the General Meeting and prepare documents to be discussed,

c) prepare a plan of activities and a report on the activities, a draft budget, and be informed by Revision Commission via the report on financial condition,

d) decide on dissolution of the Association, unless the General Meeting is held within three months in order to decide on dissolution of the Association,

e) appoint a liquidator in case of liquidation of the Association.

11. In order to perform the activities of the Association, the Board may establish a secretariat, an office, etc. It shall appoint a Managing Director, financial director, secretary, etc.

§ 9

Honourable Board

1. SFPA has an advisory body, i.e. the “Honourable Board” consisting of the personalities of the social and political life. The members of this Board shall be appointed and approved, upon consent of the nominees, by the SFPA’s Board for the period of three years. The members shall agree with the Association’s scope of activities.

The duties of this Board shall include active promotion of SFPA, the philosophy of planned parenthood, general education, and reproduction rights of people.

2. The members of the Honourable Board have the right to attend the meetings of SFPA’s Board and other activities of the Association. In meetings of the SFPA Board, they shall act as consultants.

3. The Board may decide on expelling a member from the Honourable Board, provided such members’ action impairs the interests, goodwill, and objectives of the Association.

§ 10

Statutory Body

1. The statutory body of the Association is the President. He/she the right to act on behalf of the Association with full power. The Association has also a Vice President. The President is represented by the Managing Director in special powers delegated by the Association’s Board.

2. The President shall sign for the Association by attaching his/her name to the name of the Association. In absence of the President, the Vice President shall sign for the Association, and within the competences delegated by the SFPA Board, the Managing Director or any other person authorized by the President shall sign for the Association.

3. The President shall report to the SPRVR Board. He/she shall decide about matter of the SFPA, which are not reserved by the Statues of Association to the competences of the General Meeting and the Board, and he/she shall regularly inform the SFPA Board, particularly:

a) elects and chairs meetings of the Board,

b) is responsible for execution of decisions of the Board and the General Meeting.

§ 11

SFPA Revision Commission

1. The Revision Commission controls the activities of the SFPA, especially the financial matters relating to the assets thereof. It shall report to the General Meeting.

2. The Revision Commission is elected for the period of four year.

3. The Revision Commission has three members who shall elect the chairpersons from among themselves.

4. The members of the Revision Commission cannot be members in the SFPA Board.

5. The Commission shall work on continual basis, and it shall prepare a report on control of financial activities to the annual report of the SFPA.

§ 12

Regional Branches

The SFPA may establish branches on the territory of the Slovak Republic. Establishment of any branch shall be decided by the SFPA’s General Meeting, which shall also decide on organizational structure there of.

§ 13

SFPA Financing

1. Funds for its activities shall be raised by the SFPA from membership fees, donations, grants and subsidies from legal entities and individuals and from commercial activities, if allowed by the Slovak legal regulations.

2. The funds shall be deposited to a separate account maintained with an institution authorized to maintain accounts.

3. The SFPA’s treasurer shall submit to the General Meeting a report on using the SFPA’s funds and the SFPA’s financial operations.


§ 14

Conflict of Interests

1. The SFPA’s members are prohibited to make any profit from their positions either during existence or after dissolution of the Association. The members of the committee and the employees must sign every year a declaration on conflict of interests.


2. No volunteers – SFPA’s members shall receive from the SFPA any remuneration (save for reimbursement of costs). This provision shall not apply to remunerations provided for single actions, especially lectures, prepared statues, and studies.

3. The engagement of any spouses and relatives of the board members in the Association. Is not allowed.

4. No volunteer or employee shall knowingly receive any gift or bribe from any pharmaceutical and supplying company, or from any supplier of service or potential candidate. This provision shall not apply to any special contributions and grants.

5. No volunteer or employee of the SFPA shall abuse his/her position in the Association for production, distribution and sale of any goods, from which he/she may have direct or indirect financial benefit.

§ 15

Amendment to the SFPA’s Statues of Association

1. Any amendment to the SFPA’s Statues of Association shall be decided by theGeneral Meeting by a two-third majority of the votes of the attending members.

2. A proposal for amendment of the Statues of Association may be submitted by anymember of the Association.

§ 16

Dissolution of SFPA

1. The SFPA shall be dissolved by winding-up or by merger with any other association upon a decision of the General Meeting. Such decision shall be valid if voted for by three-fourths of the attending members.

2. The provisions of § 70 and § 75 of the Commercial Code shall be applied for dissolution of the Association accordingly.

3. If the Association is to be dissolved, the Board shall appoint a liquidator.

4. In liquidation of the Association, it shall preferentially pay all its obligations. In case of liquidation, the assets may be used exclusively for generally beneficial objectives and activities and any activities similar to the objectives of the liquidated Association.

Translation from Slovak language.Civil Association.

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