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Členská organizácia International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

Project EQUAL

GENDER MAINSTREAMING in the Reproductive Health services

A project for the Equal II. Initiative – 4.G. reducing the gender gaps (Project No: SK/42)

The issue of gender inequality in working places was not dealt with in Slovakia, so far. The objective of our project is to use the gender mainstreaming principle in healthcare, which is composed of gender analyses, finding out the reasons for gender imbalance, proposing corrective measures and their implementation in practise. Healthcare places, which are state owned or owned by self-governments, represent ideal possibility to apply this principle.

The main project goal is to introduce Gender Mainstreaming as a strategy to reduce the gender inequalities in the labour process, particularly on the reproductive health services. In the project, we will implement gender audit in workplace of reproduction health and in medical education and the results of audit will be subjected to analyses. According to the results of the analyses, we will propose the measures for removing gender differences.

The project objective is to introduce gender-specific approach in medical education, but also in decision-making processes in offices of reproduction health. The project’s ambition is to introduce the use of Gender Mainstreaming in reproduction health services and introduce gender-sensitive education in the programmes of medicine universities.

Activities :

  • quantitative and qualitative research on the gender relations and gender analysis in the medical education and the clinics, particularly focusing an the reproductive health services
  • developing measures to increase the women participation and gender specific approach using the foreign experts
  • train-of-trainers workshops for gender trainings
  • elaborating and implementing of gender sensitive approach into medical education (pilot project on selected university)
  • international conference on project results

Total budget: 250.000 EU

Budget for TCA: 40.000 EU

TCA coordinator: Olga Pietruchova, olga@rodicovstvo.sk, Phone/fax: +421 2 5443 0889, mobile +421 905 872199

Developmet Partnerhip:

  • Slovak Family Planning Association
  • Slovak Accademie of Science – Department of Social and Biological Communication
  • Gender Studies Centre in Bratislava

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