Spoločnosť pre plánované rodičovstvo

Členská organizácia International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)


European Network, Rutgers Nisso Groep and the WHO Regional Office for Europe, have formed a partnership in order to promote the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of youth across Europe.  The project, which builds on the achievements of the SAFE project (2005-2007), sets out to provide an overall picture of the patterns and trends across the region in order to develop new and innovative ways to reach young people with SRHR information and services, and to inform, support and advance policy development. More information avaiable here.

Gender mainstreaming in the reproductive health services
(A project for the Equality II. Initiative). The main project goal is to introduce Gender Mainstreaming as a strategy to reduce the gender inequalities in the workforce. The focus is on implementing gender mainstreaming in reproduction health services and gender-sensitive education in the medical programmes at universities. In this project, the Slovak FPA conducts a gender survey of the reproductive health and medical education workforce and proposes measures for addressing the gender gap. A group of experts will be trained as future gender trainers. The activities will be carried out by a partnership with the Slovak Academy of Science (SAS), and Commenius University’s, Department of Social Communication and Department of Gender Studies.

Reproductive health for the marginalized groups in Central Europe including Roma’s – a project in Hungary, Slovakia and Moldavia.

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